art experience

When the world fell victim to COVID-19 I, like everyone else, spent an absurd amount of time putzing around my house looking for something to do. Being a freshly 22-year-old graduate, I had found it pretty difficult to navigate such a rapidly-changing employment field, with most businesses transitioning to a work-from-home system due to the pandemic. So I turned my attention to something else that could both occupy my growing free time and guide me through such a dark time in my life, art!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to all the different colors and the emotion each shade can evoke in the mind of the viewer. In fact, I was so committed to the emotional value of these hues that the decision to change my favorite color from blue to green was intensely difficult. Art, and specifically color, are taught to students at such a young age and ripped away from them all too soon, and that is something that I’ve made a personal mission to reverse.

Beginning June 2021 I started postbaccalaureate classes at Georgia State University to satisfy pre-requisite art courses for master’s programs in Art Education. Along the way I’ve met some amazing professors, students, and artists that have opened my world up to so many amazing opportunities, click each of the buttons to find out more!