YMCA Art Camp

This summer I have had the most rewarding experience of being a specialty camp counselor at the Cowart YMCA in Brookhaven, Georgia. Some of the specialty camps I led included Art Camp, Photography Camp, and Mythbusters Camp (basically Science Camp!).

Unlike traditional summer camps, these programs were three hours in the morning and would specialize in a certain subject. So, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm I would be the primary counselor responsible for a group of 10-20 children ages 5 to 12. As a Specialty Camp Counselor, I would create a daily curriculum for the group, taking into account the different skills and needs of each age group. It’s important to me to foster an environment where each child feels adequately challenged by the activity, but not overwhelmed with the skill level required. I had the time of my life facilitating these creative and explorative activities, and my enjoyment doubles each time a camper looks at me with a giant smile on their face after they’ve created something they really love, and I can’t wait to continue with the Y this school year as an afterschool care coordinator!

As Specialty Camp Counselor I:

  • created an environment that provided various activities and instruction to support program goals
  • consulted with the site director on concerns related to campers’ development or behavior.
  • compiled attendance records and other pertinent information required by the program

Click the button below to see some examples from the talented campers I got to know this summer 🙂