Marketing Director

WEGL 91.1 FM Radio

January 2018 – April 2019

WEGL is Auburn University’s student-run radio station that is located on campus. With over 80 students and ~10 staff memebers, it’s one of Auburn’s largest organizations.

I had so much fun working with such a diverse group of students during my time at WEGL. In just under a year I had nearly tripled the club’s online following and kickstarted the club’s re-emmergence into campus life.

As Marketing Director I:

  • Reinvigorated social media presence to reach more students on campus.
  • Generated weekly content across three mediums.
  • Designed and produced apparel for the staff.
Aubie, Auburn University’s Mascot, helping us promote the WEGL X IMAGINE Festival ticket giveaway Spring 2018!