Grassroots Campaigner

Janine Brown’s Campaign for GA State House Representative

May 2016 – August 2016

Janine Brown was born and raised in downtown Atlanta. She has worked her whole life in politics, especially those driving democratic values to a traditionally conservative environment. Her campaign in the summer of 2016 was for a the 59th seat in the Georgia State House of Representatives. Her ideals and campaign values centered on backing the unions and making the inner-city landscape that the district was in safer for the children.

I was introduced to Janine and her campaign team through another job I had in Summer ’16 (Registering people to vote in downtown Atlanta) and quickly knew I wanted to get involved. At the time, I was a Sophomore at Auburn University and my major was still Political Science, so the social aspect of this political job seemed to hit all the right marks for me. I spent my summer canvassing the streets of Atlanta spreading helpful information on the candidates and how to vote.

As a Grassroots Campainger I:

  • Worked closely with a team to spread awareness and support across the community.
  • Gained experience in: public speaking, team organization, and grassroots campaigning.
  • Mapped and worked with logistics to divide the district into sections for the team.
  • Networked within the Georgia Democrat community and fostered meaningful connections with constituents.