Campus Manager

University Tees

April 2017 – August 2017

University Tees is quickly-expanding a custom apparel company based out of Cleveland, Ohio. I joined the Campus Manager team back in 2017, when the company had first branched out to the Auburn Campus. I spearheaded the project to secure Auburn branding, meaning that University Tees could use the Auburn University Logo on their apperal, which was crucial for future success on campus.

Although this was mostly a sales job, I really enjoyed this opportunity to heighten my customer service skills as well as being able to utilize past connections to grow and expand my network! I worked closely with campus organizations, both panhellenic and not, and even got to fly out ot Houston for the Summer Sales Conference in 2017!

As Marketing Director I:

  • Networked with a diverse group of greek life organizations and clubs.
  • Gained hands on sales experience by facilitating custom apparel orders.
  • Implemented public relations/marketing campaigns to improve sales.